Dates and things - sent to subscribers - October 19th, 2002

Events in Bali have shown you the way we think in anniversaries. Sad to have to see it work through such shameful events but there you go. You can be 100% certain it is Bin Laden linked; it is their timing. Remember the dates we watch for them are degree counts off 11/9/01 and 26/10/01. Been astounding how it has progressed this far, has it not?

Markets work in the same way. The dates of the major emotional highs and lows, set up the times and prices of future high and lows. Gann stated quite clearly in Tunnel Through the Air, that "it was just as easy to forecast 100 years in advance, as it was 1 week", (hard to believe I know) if you could work out the correct zero date, to tell you which cycle was currently in operation. A big statement, but that book correctly pinpointed the US involvement in the 2nd world war, and how long it would last, penned in 1928.

Shall we try off the lows this year, what we tried from the highs; US market, 24/7/02 plus 90 deg, then plus 120 deg, consult your ephemeris to get the dates correct. Our market, 6/8/02, plus 90 deg then plus 120 deg (gives a March 6 anniversary also)

Just dates to watch where we have higher probability for a change in trend, higher still if on the day we have a mid point or repeat run. Note the SPI low on 10/10 was pretty close to half of previous run, 311 points as against half of 588, just out of interest. Island reversal on the day. So there is price and time combined with a bit of what Gann called 'form reading'.

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