Dates - Sun, 19 Jan 2003

It's nice to be reading English language newspapers once again, especially in a gambling mad nation full of get rich quick schemes. Weekend papers full of them. Hard not to be cynical

Lots of comment in the Sunday Age on the mid year state government budget update - notably the spending on infrastructure - or rather the amount of the shortfall that some 'independent experts' feel is required. Worth following what any govt spends on infrastructure, where and on what, and who the 'independent experts' are. Remember, spending on infrastructure, forthcoming in Victoria, the regional rail links, Mitcham-Frankston freeway, commonwealth games village - does mainly only one thing; lift land value. So there is plenty of infrastructure to go yet to keep the property cycle running into 2010.

Note the forecast for strengthening northerly winds and higher temperatures for this week; expect this to peak on third date we watch for each month - the days where extremes occur. Note the position on the SPI or All Ords for a probable low, then change of trend. Confirmation of a mid point of the range of the sideways move, on the date we watch for this week is bullish and would presage a break upwards from the current 90 day sideways move.

Note we are 20 years from Ash wednesday bushfires, 240 months.

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