Counting back - Tue, 13 Apr 2004

Gann said to study markets 10 years 20 years 30 years etc back, to see what the current year might bring, and to see if one of these years gives us a bit of a road map for the current year. Attached, just that, back to 1944. It appears silly to do this at first glance, however this email might help you see the similarities. Charts will, after all, represent a reflection of all the players perceptions of the year's events.

The March correction of 94 was after interest rates were lifted in Feb of that year.
The Nov 63 blip was the day of the JFK assassination, some commentators reported later a heavy short interest in the market the morning of the Dallas event.
60 years ago we were also at war, though that could perhaps be said about any year...90 years back WW1, markets were shut August to December 1914 on economists warnings that the European protagonists would end up having to sell all their US securities to pay for the fighting. So authorities closed all markets to avoid it. The opposite occurred of course - European powers shipped all their gold to the US for safekeeping and to buy armaments, creating the worlds newest superpower, and a raging US bull market till 1917.

Watch especially the 1964 shape; a president seeking re-election, and going to great lengths to make it happen, even fabricating events...*tonkin*-g.htm

see also

Why anyone continues to believe what a politician has to say beats me, however do always try to find two sides to a story, perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between.

What is more important however; relate the news at the time to the market, and the trend that was in place, and that then took place afterwards. Learn the future by studying the past. The repetition cannot be exact of course, but it will rhyme, especially at 360 degrees.

see also for another view, if this link is not successful, search for newsletter vol 2 No 10 on the lambertgann site

and from the past, 30 years ago, march '74 - watergate

bloody interesting this gann, march 2004 and similar claims, 30 years, (360 months)... coincidence surely ???
Do take the time to go on and read all the articles linked to the above site, before proceeding further.

Anyone wanna bet on a headline soon - "more troops required for Iraq as tension escalates"
(I am just thinking out loud there, however commodities, esp wheat, are coming out of very long accumulation lows, and thirty year cycles indicate major highs are possible over the next two to four years. Something will have to drive such a possible scenario...)

and sort of related;
I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the following article, (after all, anyone can put anything on the net)

but it leads to some interesting names and places
(Riggs national bank operates a number of special consular services.)

I suggest printing the articles and connecting all the names. So which country's leader has their nation more under family control, the US Bush or Nth Vietnam's Dear Leader ?

The 9/11 odor is just starting to smell interesting if you ask me. Will anyone put all the links together, and be alive long enough to tell the story ? No wonder the current US administration goes all out to resist a full investigation into the event.

30 years plus ten from Tonkin incident, 30 years on from the start of the Watergate trial (so named after the Hotel in Washington where the break-in occurred, 1972 I think), 30 months from 9/11. One chart just might copy another.

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