Charts - Sun, 22 Dec 2002

The laptop hard-disk ascended to that big hard-disk in the sky this week, continuing my woeful pc and windows relationship. Restoration took a few days, and am now taking the opportunity of changing over to run on linux, with absolutely minimal windows software, if any, by the end of the year.

I note gold prices broke that critical 330 resistance, closing above that price and holding so far. Oil also on the move but has not yet climbed above 32. Above here, and you could see a spike repeat run to 40. I don't believe US stocks have bottomed yet; oil prices above 32 could drive this scenario. More on this later. Images attached - still working thru newer software installed, any viewing troubles, let me know.

I note continuing Venezuelan troubles - I'll wager the hand of the US is behind that one. It's all about oil for the US suv's lifestyle.

I note too the recent Victorian unveiling of the last piece of the Docklands project; the 19 hectare Waterfront city. It's a big project, scheduled for completion 2011. Interesting date. Big projects like that invariably are completed at the bottom of the property cycle. A project to watch. This could easily tie in with the worlds largest tower (possibly) to go up on the old WTC site in New York. Old habits die hard. (I'm pleased - looks like we did not lose one of our business cycle peak indicators after all.)

A reminder, always keep an eye out for triangles, see trk. Announcements usually arrive at the apex.

Still watching qtk

Quite a few biotech stocks trading near lows, double / triple bottoms.
Watch for breaks for shorts as well.

Worth watching whilst everyone else piles into gold stocks at yet another emotional peak. See gtg, ept, bpo, agx, mbp, nal.

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