(virus free I hope) Bin laden dates - emailed to subscribers
August 27th 2002

I got one, despite the prevention measures one takes; I do hope it was not a problem to anyone further. The virus here replicated itself naturally, and on sent itself to names in my contact list, not many of you since I do not keep the sub list in that area, before I could disconnect and delete it. The store here where I had it all fixed had not seen this virus before, and had to wait for their own updates, so again I hope no further probs will arise. Murphy's law, it did not help the trading either.

The market does appear to be taking seriously the Iraq situation, and possibility of US strikes. Definitely appropriate to be watching your list of oil stocks. A list can be found in Saturday's AFR, oil and gas listing, within the energy sector. Speculative interest could also be moving from gold to oil, if a few of the oil spec charts are anything to go by.

CNN has been making a big deal of the obi tapes unearthed recently. I am assuming you have heard of them. (I cannot help but be cynical about the timing of the airing, but that's another story). What was revealing however, was one of the tapes I saw, showing bin laden's declaration of war against the US, in front of a few selected journalists. Apparently this interview by obl received very little acknowledgment at the time. I always take note of the dates of these things now, having seen so much of Gann. So I was watching the tapes with the sole interest of hopefully getting this date. I guessed that it would have been relevant to What happened later, and, no surprise, it is. The date obl publicly declared war on the US was 26/5/98. This is of course the 2nd degree date we had been using, running off 26/10/01, being 45 days off 11/9/01.

You should do more with this date also. And I hope it occurs to you to do this now; if not, it should. Calculate the days between 26/5/98 and 11/9/01, being 1204 days. Now that is close, but not really close enough to be exact, to 1260 days, 180 weeks (the importance of this time frame is highlighted in the book of Daniel) So I would add at this stage, 1204 days to 11/9/01, Which is 28/12/04. I would very surprised if around this date, something significant related to obl did not happen. Adding 180 weeks gives 22/2/05, should also be watched.

Speaking of dates, next month is the 15-year anniversary, 180 months, (mid point of Gann's very important 30 year, or 360 month cycle) from the 21/9/87 top. (Observe how we celebrate anniversaries with recent Elvis- the King is dead, long live the King - 25 year anniversary.) We have one year anniversary of Sept 11th coming up, note how the Dow's high this year was March 13, i.e. (183 days) 180 degrees prior, (and one month after our market on Feb 14th), the Dow spent a week going across the tops here, added reason now to watch our degree date 18/9/02. So dates to watch, in an important month, I think for high in a bear market, are Sept 11th, 13/16, and 20/23, then also watch 90d later, Dec 11th, 13/16 and 20th. Note the Dow's biggest turns this year, off the high, 90d June 14, 120d July 15. Nothing random about that, and it is entirely forecastable in advance, once a good top or bottom is in place. The only way you can learn to take advantage of it in the future, is to see how it happened in the past. The future will repeat the past.

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