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Doing a count off the london bombings ? 30 degrees saw obl pop up and announce (last Friday via another video) he hasn't finished with london yet...
Next numbers, 45 (Aug 21), 52 (Aug 28 - now that is interesting, it gives us the usual end of month date for obl, so we have a 52 day count separating them, a good number you see often in markets), 60, 72 (sept 17), then 90 and so on...the square and trine being more emotional connections. Keep counting and see what develops. And remember, we have the 11th and 26/28th of each month to watch too. Three dates a month now, which is what gann always gave. Some of you may remember, many emails ago I did suggest we would end up with three dates to watch for this manic guy. Count the weeks and months also, as we have been doing.

however, who is the more dangerous long term, the bomb makers or the war profiteers ?

easy to follow via
next decade's US leaders have just about always come out of the profiteers of its last war, and so the cycle perpetuates. Nothing different here.

Some r/estate reading

further info on our skyscraper indicator coming soon, stay tuned. However, the indicator as presently constructed and as alluded to in the above articles is not quite perfect and the writers above think it failed a couple of times. I can tell them why, can you ? Email me if you cannot answer this question and want the answer.

And yes, it is history repeating right in front of us:

See also the Broadgate tower info and Heron tower info on this site. Note the dates. We are however interested in the worlds tallest. The developers of the worlds tallest, if they are a private corporation, have, if they were building at the end of the 18 year cycle (almost without exception) gone bust. If the current world's tallest developers are listed on the exchange, there is a tip for you to give you the inside running once the cycle turns, ie short their stock. Too early yet though.
assuming the Treasurer has been quoted correctly, note how the pollies give the upbeat assessment no matter what. As we go further into the 18 year cycle, remember this; they never tell you what you will need to hear as an investor, and you will be misled by their comments. Their agenda is different to yours. After the real estate cycle has turned, leading pollies will continue to give announcements proclaiming 'the economy is robust', 'this time our policies will give us a soft landing' and on it will go. When they finally admit recession, it is often close to the bottom.

August 5 / 8:
well it was not the low as forecast was it. We have had an inversion of the historical indicator I use off the birth date of the SPI. Gann had this happen, if you read his outlook for 1950 to '52 and forecast of the Dow printed in /45 Years in Wall Street/. (Page 131 on. Note the dates Gann gives - David Burton referred to these in his YTE article which I pointed out last email - then have a look at these dates for this year's Dow for a few impressive turning points) But back to Gann. For 1950 he got the direction wrong, but the dates he gave for the trend changes were accurate. Always trade in the direction of the overbalance, as Gann taught. That way you are with the trend. In July, the trend was up, indicating Aug 5 / 8 was not going to be a major low and the forecast was not panning out. Inversion this time of direction, but the dates have been good. It happens. Spi attached with a couple of counts, just keep counting and see what turns up. Trade only ever with the confirmed trend.

The consistent afternoon buying of our market is incredibly bullish. With so few retracements, we are in for a further couple of big years. Well timed into that 18 year peak.

Snow on the beaches in Victoria I hear, or was this an internet hoax ? Count off Aug 10 and you will find the weather extremes for the following 12 months or so. Don't be surprised to see bush fire dangers Feb 12 or so.

And finally, for those who want to understand Vizard and his insider trading activities, (he should be in jail) read Pierpont, July 29 AFR. Pierpont is required reading as part of your trading week in my view. Pierpont's analysis of Vizard is a corker. And very simply explained. See especially Pierpont's question 9. Vizard's return of his circle, just at Gann explains and shows you in the market. Greed kills you in the end. As the saying goes, bulls can win, and bears can win, but pigs just get slaughtered.

Next email will look at stocks.

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