August - Fri, 13 Aug 2004

if you are buying new highs, you should be getting good results - been plenty last month - an easy market the past two weeks in this regard

but if you must persist and avoid doing that, watch for overbalancing after any sell off, bit the example, ite still to watch, so you watch for continued accumulation, a possible double bottom, and a buy across 26.5. But if ite were to go lower, then find another stock instead. Note by doing this you don't have to know anything about the stock, just wait for others to decide it is a buy. possibly also ada

dividend patterns continue, jyc

wtp, a good shape to watch for into highs - sort of a cup with handle forming

the technology of slt is worth following

a tech stock gone sideways for ages but returning to profitability, hwg (this decade cycle has really only just started in my view, and a few years to run yet, to peak in 2007/8/9 - but watch those indicators of course)

ya gotta laugh
i did happen to see a recent AFR article, 23rd July about Labor's TV policy "Earlier in the year Labor indicated that it would like to see more competition in the television industry, sparking a flurry of visits from anxious media moguls."

- then later on
PBL has urged state govt's to reconsider their opposition to licensing betting exchanges.
PBL has just bought a deal with UK's Betfair internet gaming group. Says James "I don't want to forecast what the politics will be, but this (on-line betting) is good for consumers, good for racing, good for sporting bodies other than racing and good for state governments." chuckle chuckle

So Martha (aka 'mandela') stewart will do time - she lies to prosecutors, deletes, forges and changes emails to hide it, (said the court, which is why she is to do jail time) and gets 170 000 supportive emails for doing it. I'd say she should have donated more to the republicans. Stock holders liked it though, the stock goes up 37% and restores $93 million of her former wealth. Still yet to understand; why bother selling a few Imclone shares for a very small profit when your loaded ?

The worst Iraq fighting since June 28 handover date was exactly 30 degrees later.
45 deg is Aug 12, (yep, is fierce again) 90 deg is the end of Sept.

Last but never least, following is one of the most important links you will ever get, if you are interested in real estate cycles. Suggest you frame his editorial, though i am working on a clearer presentation of the cycle dates he gives. Everything is lining up for around 2008 for a peak, though always watch those indicators first. Soon it will no longer be time to be dependent on the level of credit for your survival, and cash will be king.

credit creation on land value - you should have read this somewhere before...

For those who completed my business cycles classes recently, i have now almost completed a substantial rewrite of previous material, clearer, with much more back up charts. More info soon.


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