Nov 6 degree date - sent to subscribers - November 7th, 2002

Attached, an image of the All Ords. A price break to watch for the downside, should it eventuate. A move below the lows there would signal much more downside.

To something else;
An interesting set up this one for early November. If you consult the file sent to you in April, we listed the degree date as November 6 and 7, the two days as the degree count came about midway in the two dates I would say. The high for the year on the Australian market however was the 7th March, so counting off this date gave us Nov 8 to watch as well. Note the US Federal Reserve interest rate decision. All (most) fed meetings and rate decisions are on degree dates, that is the first thing to remember. US mid term elections first Tuesday in November, when held. This date is quite deliberate, organised centuries ago by members of the masonic fraternity; independence day July 4, elections Nov first Tuesday, government takes office March 4 (changed slightly these days, and they bring it fwd on occasions if special business must be attended to). Notice they are trines, ie 120 degrees apart. Do not ignore this symbolism.

Nov 6 thru 8,

- massive pile up on the highway southern France, 40 cars involved, most burnt out.

- Concorde has one of its four engines seize, dropping its speed from 2000 kph to 900 in an instant, panic on board.

- Plane disaster at Luxembourg airport, not far from Metz, probably weather related, most weather extremes are on degree dates, should have seen the fog here yesterday, visibility down to less than a metre, hard to imagine fighting wars in such conditions.

- Several carriages of a train at Nancy station (not far from here) catch fire, a dozen passengers die from smoke inhalation 240 degrees from the top of the market, 30 degrees from the eclipse note the earthquake activity

I have had the chance to catch up on plenty of reading of late, it occurred to me, one of Gann's biggest cycles, which he wrote of often, is the 60 year cycle, 720 months, twice 360. You have probably already noticed the coincidences of the US and Pearl Harbour, 1941. Planes were dive bombed by pilots into US warships anchored at the harbour. I read as well, though I have not confirmed it myself thru a reputable year book say, that the first earth on the then new Pentagon construction, ie the ceremonial beginning mostly performed by politicians, occurred Sept 11th 1941, would you believe it.

Shades of Margaret Thatcher and the Falklands in 'Dubya's' mid term election campaigns, the war effort, common enemy, bands, trumpets and marching girls. Will Mr and Mrs public ever wake up to the manipulations? Gann put it this way, "Time cycles repeat because human nature does not change. That is why wars occur at regular cycles. Old men do not want wars, neither do they want to go into war after they have been through one. Young men fight the wars because they read history and want to be heroes.

Leaders of nations appeal to the young men who have no experience, and induce them to fight." From Gann's booklet 'Why money is lost on commodities and stocks and how to make profits'. Sadly we are in a war cycle. The future can change only by bringing the past under observation, and hey, who does that these days?

I note the two largest donors to the Republicans this election, Philip Morris and Microsoft. Payment for privilege.

You can bet first item on the Republican agenda to pass, will be those tax cuts. Bush will most likely seek now to have them made permanent. If you can't tell me what the effect of this will be, go back and study Harrison, The Power in the Land, pages 125 to 127 in his discussion of the Kennedy tax cuts. A cyclical repeat, same time in the cycle. The US property market now has a confirmed date with destiny. Dumb politicians, greedy public. Or should that be the other way ? Unbelievable repetitive set up.


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