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Wed, 22 Nov 2006

here is something to watch. You of course understand that trading is at all times your own responsibility. Presently, vhl has held the mid point retracement of the overbalance.

I would watch this technology, it has high potential, but of course is also rather speculative at this point, so don't get carried away just yet either. Which is of course why we watch the chart: the chart will tell you when others know something is up, then just get on the trend

The development will require money, which means capital raisings most likely, which waters down the percentage ownership of existing holders.

Fred Harrison has just published a new book: Ricardo's Law. Fortunately in London I was able to procure an advance copy. "...without a knowledge of [the law of rent] it is impossible to understand the effect of the progress of wealth on profits and wages, or to trace satisfactorily the influence of taxation on different classes of the community" said Ricardo.

Good book to read if you would like to further understand how the land market works. I am quite happy to tell anyone who wants to listen, Ricardo's law is the basis of my own forecasting. I urge you to put a copy into your reference library.

For those in Melbourne, the following may be of interest:

A friend of mine, John Poulter, has recently returned from China, where he took the time to make a study of the Chinese land market. Since an understanding of such info is extremely hard to come by, but essential to forecasting, John's powerpoint presentation should prove of use to those with an interest in such things:

This Friday, Nov 24th, at the offices of Prosper Australia, 31 Hardware Lane, Melbourne CBD. Starts 7pm, there is another presentation on first, John starts at 7.30 pm or thereabouts. If you want further info, phone the Prosper office, 9670 2754

If you are going, I will see you there.


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