The Investment Clock - Previous Forecasts

The Investment Clock - Previous Forecasts

Here is the investment clock EIS first published for subscribers - with the future forecast dates - late in 1994. It was our forecast for the remainder of the 1990's decade, based simply on business cycles repeating.

In addition to the dates given;

  • EIS accurately forecast continually declining interest rates throughout the 1990's, whilst everyone else said they'd go up.
  • We correctly forecast continually low inflation levels last decade, and stated in advance the threat deflation would pose.
  • We correctly forecast lower gold prices.
  • We correctly suggested the high demand for equities would continue and that this was the investment class that would generate highest returns.

Of course no one can forecast the future exactly, but there is definitely a cyclical pattern in the economy and the turning of the investment clock.

History often repeats, and so do the time frames. And the first decade of this century is already looking pretty similar to the past as well. This year will bring the bottom of the current decade cycle, and the start of the next one, in reality a mid cycle slowdown of the larger and more clearly defined property cycle.

Current subscribers to our business forecasting service already have our forecast dates for the unfolding of this decade 2001 - 2010.

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