Share market Power, uel 22/3/00

Share market Power, uel 22/3/00

UEL Share market Power

Every year there is always a group of stocks that become market darlings. This year (and last) it has been the Telco's. But once the future two years on so potential is marked into the stock, speculator attention will refocus elsewhere. Here is what could be the next one. Infrastructure stocks. You cannot send water gas or electricity down the phone line or through the air. But what if you could do the reverse: send data (or voice) over the power lines?

Veba, a German power utility believes it can, ie send data down its power lines. Now this could revolutionise electricity and water companies and allow then, leveraging up of their existing infrastructure to alternative uses. Watch this. Charts to watch over the next 12 months: In the US Nortel Networks. In Australia, AGL, United Energy and similar companies.

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