Pacifica Brakes 22/3/00

Pacifica Brakes 22/3/00

Pacifica Brakes

Do we have some accumulation here? Here is the latest news anyway on this company.

PBB makes auto components. They have a very good product on the go, a new design of brakes for cars. The brake, the Auriga, as the company has called it, is a single shoe drum brake and a replacement for rear drum breaks presently fitted to 3/4 of the worlds auto mobiles.

There are more than 350 million new cars made every year. PBB will be selling the drum for something like $30 to $40 each. Good long term chart pattern here if the accumulation holds. (roughly at a mid point presently) Ordinarily this sort of news would have pushed such stocks to new highs: but we are not in an ordinary market at present. Note though the large volume in to the announcement, March 8

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