What follows is a list of internet or internet related companies, currently listed on the ASX. I have a few comments at the bottom. OTO
This Company is involved in Advertising and directory assistance which it does both by phone and online.

Adcorp Australia AAU
This is a n employment recruitment web site- employment

Adacel ADA
Developer of specialist software.

AD Sports Technologies ADF
HRnet involved in human resources business on the internet.

Adelong Cons Gold AEG
This company is an internet provider with also e-commerce solutions and e-Smart.

Ambition AMB
This company is involved with IT recruitment.

Amlink Technologies AMK
Involved in e-commerce software and also EVENTS and LODEX

Adultshop ASC
This is an internet sex shop.

Austar United Communications AUN
ISP and pay TV

Australian Environmental Resources AEV
This company's involvement is in Internet & Multimedia technology Change of name to Multimedia

Australian Innovation ARI
Internet based home loans is the focus of this stock.

Australian Mineral Processors AMI
This stock's service is as an Integrated Body Corporate management system

Barton Capital BCH
Online Stockbrocking BMC
This company is involved in marketing via the web.

Border Gold BOG
This company has an alliance with Sun Microsystems and is designed for Business-to-business e-commerce trading. Has HOTS software for hospitality industry. Change of name to Equs

Boss Resources BSS
This stock is an Online business directory.

Bourse Data BDA
Provider of online financial information

Brazin BRZ
Online music publishing and retailing as well as free ISP service is what this stock provides. Floated

Burdekin Resources BKS
This company provides email technology by phone, via the coy Netline Technologies.

Candle CND
This group is involved in it recruitment.

C&W Optus CWO

Cape Range CAG

Capital Energy CAE
This company provides Satellite data communications services

Capricorn Resources CCR
Former resource coy changed status after failed nickel project. Stock currently suspended pending signing of a heads of agreement to purchase entire issued capital of Ltd, a coy set to deliver subscription based health care management systems over the net.

Catuity CAT
This group is involved in card loyalty programmes and CAT online.

CCk Financial Solutions CCK
This company is involved in risk management software.

Chaos Music. CHS
This group deals with the Gaslight Music catalogue and online music sales.

Channel e CEL
News and finance service.

Chariot Internet CTI
This company is a bandwidth wholesaler and provides an ISP network.

Central Bore CBL
CBL's area is Internet telephony computer programs, offering cheaper phone calls for consumers

Chile Minera CEA
Now Timemac solutions, TML.

Chrome global CGB
Provides IT solutions.

Cinimagic CIC
Internet gaming

Comops COM
This group provides business management systems software.

Coms 21 CMZ
They provide the Coms smart card ,have an eBet stake.

Consolidated Gaming CGC
This group supply gaming equipment.

Coolgardie Gold COG
Tracking systems for the road transport industry.

CXA Communications. CXA
This group is an internet messaging gateway.

Data#3 DTL
DTL is a reseller of SAP enterprise resource planning via the internet

Data card systems DCS
Developer of network hardware.

Datafast DFT
This group develops hi speed network links - is a joint venture with Lucent.

Davnet DVT
corporate telecommunication services.

Deepgreen Minerals DGM
Owns part of Kidz net.

Diamin Resources DNR, now Secure ID net, SNX
Fingerprint and electronic encryption is what this stock is involved in.

Eastern Gold ECU
This stock provides Audio and video media distribution with an interactive internet application. Change of name pending.

EasyCall Group EZY
EZY provide an integrated voice mail, fax mail and email service using the internet.

eBet EBT
Gaming Global ECO
Developed JFAX internet messaging systems.

Ecorp ECP
An Internet portal with Packer backing.

EftNet technologies.
This is an Eftpos service provider.

involvement is in ISP, Internet access and bundling of PC's

e Tec
Deals in Internet sports gaming and wagering.

E*Trade Australia ETR
Online Stockbroking

Ezenet EZE

Fairfax (John) Holdings FXJ
classified advertising, FXJ is is now into electronic auctioning

Formida Holdings FHL
FHL offers tools used to create internet applications

GES International GEE
Deals in online order processing, interactive software, POS terminals, computers.

Global business Solutions GBS
This group has 65%of Insight technologies

Gold Partners GLP
Company has taken a stake in Hotelnet Aust, an internet service for hotels

Golden Deeps GED
Now Pahth telecommunications, recently floated.

Goldminco GMN
Now Datafast. With plans to roll out data, voice and real time video throughout regional Victoria.

GPS Online GPO
This company develops ATOM satellite tracking system.

Grange Resources GRA
This company is involved in the electronic trading of products in connection to both the agricultural and resources industries.

Growth Resources GRE
Renamed IHG Ltd (ASX code IHY) Home automation applications and an internet gateway are the services this company provides

Gullewa Gold GUL
GUL provides an enterprise portal for corporate clients, via insight technologies.

Hartley Poynton HPL
Online stockbroking service

Harvest road HRD
Provides web publishing tools

Health comms Network HCN
This group provides health information online.

Hot copper Australia HOT
This group provides a shares chat forum. (taken over by bourse data)

Internet content provider

ICS Global ICS
Provides IT outsourcing and business process reengineering.

IHG Limited IHY
This group are involved in The Smart company and IHG Technologies.

iiNet IIN
IIN is a Regional ISP

Imperial mining IMP
IMP bought into, SE Asia's largest ISP

Impress Technologies.
This company is 15 % Virtual learning Network and 20% Ematch computer trading online

Infosentials INF

Integrated Development Capital IND
IND is into online financial publishing.

Intellect IHG
This company provides electronic payment systems.

Intermin Resources IRC
Has licensing rights to psychiatric diagnostic technology.

International All Sports IAS

International Mineral Resources IMR
Now Fibertel, FTL providing Integrated Telecommunications and data using fibre optic cable

Internet Travel Group ITL

Investor Web IWL
This company provides a range of services from Online financial services to Funds Management, from Software & Development to Research & Content

Provide it outsourcing.

This company provides web design, banner adds online coupons and 40% of Hostworks web hosting.

Isis Communications ISC

This group provide web marketing, distribution of hardware and software and systems integration.

Revolutionary photographic technology

Jumbomall JUM
This company is an online shopping mall.

Keycorp KYC
This company develops smart card technology.

This is a shop and porn freeweb environment.

Kilkenny Gold KYD
KYD's areas of service includes a financial news channel, e-commerce and ISP

King Minerals KMN

Liberty One LIB

Livingstone Gold LVN
Market Faxts This group collates consumer information at an infochoice web site.

Melbourne IT MLB
This site is a domain names registration - Internet Names Worldwide.

Michelago MIC
They provide a fax end email software application.

Min-tech 8 MTC
MTC is a commercial data network and has exclusive Australian rights for global JFAX unified messaging

MultiEmedia MUL
this group provides web design and other e technologies.

New tel NWL
This is a domestic phone carrier, as well as a Chinese ISP and portal with Chinese interconnect.

North Star Resources NTS

Ocean Resources OCN
OCN is changing its name to Bambuu (BUU) and is now an Internet call manager

Provides online classifieds and shopping.

Online Trading Systems OTS
OTS provides online financial information as well as Internet Share Trading

Pacarc PAE
Telecommunications. Name change pending

Pacrim Energy Ltd PRE

PharmaNet Online PNO
PNO participates in the trading of pharmaceutical products online

Phoneware PHO
PHO is involved in data and internet billing, and can combine voice, fax and e mail into one mailbox

Plexus PLX
This site is for club shopping online.

Powerlan PWR

Powertel PWT
voice and data services

Prophecy International PRO
e-commerce and computer software distribution

Pulsat communications PUL
This group provides Skynet communications services and broadband wireless networks.

Queste Communications QUE
Internet telephony

Ramsgate RGR
E-commerce REA
This company provides real estate listing online.

Reckon RKN
RKN provide financial management software

Reefton Mining RTM
internet gaming

Rhodes Resources RHO
Data communications. Name change to Pulsat.

Richfield Resources RRN
IT software, via purchase of Sprint. SDC
Online music selling

Sausage Software SAS
SAS is a developer of internet technologies

Scitec SCS
voice and call centre software

Secure network solutions SNX
This company provide s digital certification and e-commerce as well as online security

Senetas SEN
This company is involved in simulated tactile technologies and incubation of net encryption.

Sirius Technologies SIS

Sirocco Resources
This group has 65% of Insight technology.

Solution 6 Holdings SOH
accounting software

Spike Networks SPK
Internet content

Stone group Asia Pacific SGA e commerce provider.

Swish Group SWG
Internet content

Tag Pacific TAG
Chaos music

Techniche TEH
This company provide voice and data networking and ISDN via JTec

Technology One TNE
Finance software is what this company provides.

Techstar TSR
This is an IT business incubator

Telco Australia TLO
TEH provide internet discount telephone services

Telstra Corporation TLS

Tennyson TNY

Terrex Resources TXR
internet medical services

Timemac TML
They provide a Dragon stock share trading system and adaptive data technology - Digicorp.

Transcom International Ltd TRI
Now Newtel

Transglobal TGL
internet gaming software TVL
Considered Australia's leading internet travel provider

Triton TRE
TRE are involved in network security

Union Capitol UCL
They develop and deal in net security software - Identikey.

Voicenet Australia VNA
VNA provides Voice Recognition products

Volante Group VGL
They provide an IT service.

Walhalla WLH

Welcome Stranger Mining WSM
IT systems. Name change pending.

Westel Group WSG

Western Diamond Corporation WDM
Digital x-ray imaging technology

Western Minerals WMI

Windsor Resources WNR
This is for wine sales and promo online.

Winepros International WPO
This is also for online wine selling and retailing.

Yardarino MiningYDR

Zylotech ZYL
video streaming technology

Notes: I am not permitted to advise clients on shares, which I don't do anyway. I urge you to study the charts of the above stocks though. And I urge you to study what I wrote about the 1850's railway mania in a past article, and to apply the economic principles of govt granted licences, monopoly situations and locational access rights that I teach in the business cycles classes at the CAE. Given the recent very fast rise in our stockmarket on tech shares, these developments in new technology are going to happen even quicker than even I had first believed or thought possible.

The net revolution, and the new technology will continue to reduce inflation to below levels of what'the experts' will continue to forecast, and will create jobs in enough abundance to push unemployment back below recent 1970's and 1980's levels. Note that this can continue apace even though other sectors of the economy may go into recession.

I also cannot resist the following political comment; feel free to ignore it. We are being led by a Prime Minister that wants to take Australia back into the 1950's Menzies era of Queen and country, and by State politicians that continue to allow vested rich interests to establish more and more mindless gaming venues, making such state governments even more dependent on gaming taxes. In short, visionless politicians. We ought to be training our fellow Australians to work smart in the new technology, reinvest profits in the technology (not real estate) and go for world leadership in internet related activities. Instead, too many of the crowd sit mindlessly in front of poker machines. Follow the entrepreneurs, not the crowd.

Study this new technology. Fortunes are not made in gambling.

May I suggest dividing these stocks into those trending up, and those trending down. Obviously those in an uptrend are looked at more closely.

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